SR 191 Looking East, Approaching Moab, Utah

US Highway 191 between Crescent Junction and Moab, Utah carries large volumes of traffic to nearby Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Landslide Technology worked with the Utah Department of Transportation to develop geotechnical recommendations for widening a 7-mile segment of US 191 near the main entrance of Arches National Park. The work performed included:

  • Aerial photo interpretation;
  • Local geology and seismicity;
  • Geotechnical reconnaissance along the existing roadway; 
  • Statistical rock mapping and kinematic analyses for rock cut slope design; 
  • Evaluating the rockfall potential from the tall cliffs adjoining the roadway, including mitigation options; 
  • Stability evaluation of a 50-foot deep near vertical railroad through-cut and the potential effects of nearby blasting;
  • Preliminary groundwater and surface water evaluation;
  • Laboratory testing;
  • Preliminary geotechnical recommendations for soil and rock cut slopes, embankment fills, and retaining walls;
  • Project constructibility and conceptual costs.