Evaluating a Rock Slope in Southeast Alaska

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (AKDOT&PF) is currently conducting research into Geotechnical Asset Management of the Department's unstable rock and soil slopes. With AKDOT&PF, Landslide Technology (LT) is assisting with testing and finalizing the state's Unstable Slope Management Program (USMP) and with implementing the program statewide.

During the field phases, LT has provided field crews to categorize and rank the state's unstable slopes. Crews have visited many of the slopes and applied the State's newly adopted rating criteria, which provides a preliminary, hazard, and risk rating.

Prior to the field activities and based on extensive experience in performing statewide slope inventory systems, LT assembled a database and interface to contain all the field rating information. The database interacts with both Google Earth and ESRI's GIS programs, which allows the Department to easily view rating information and field photographs.

As the inventory and condition survey are underway, LT will help develop performance measures; and Level of Service and agency compliance criteria to integrate asset management principles into their slope management system.